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Commonly abbreviated CSST, this particular type of tubing is used predominately in gas distribution industries and those industrial, commercial and residential applications in which gas transport, gas heating and appliances are commonly employed. Read More…

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Corrugated stainless steel tubes are multilayered hollow cylindrical objects used as an alternative to traditional steel piping as the medium through which gases are transported.
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Chester, NY  |  845-469-3899

Cada Stainless & Alloys has the stainless steel tubing that you need. We also specialize in the supply of stainless steel strips and coils, providing many finishing options, processing options, and other customization options.

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Cada Stainless & Alloys $$$

Birmingham, AL  |  205-251-1884

Nucor Tubular Products is a leading manufacturer of square, rectangular, and round structural steel tubing throughout North America. Founded in 1972, our Customers include many of the finest steel service centers and manufacturers of agricultural, transportation, lighting and material handling equipment located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Nucor Tubular Products $$$

Pompton Plains, NJ  |  800-838-1978

Our company may have started small, but we quickly grew to handle the largest aluminum orders. Our metals are made from the highest quality materials, and we pledge to offer superior service to all our customers. We don’t want customers who use us one time, we want to establish lifelong relationships with customers that last generations. Contact us for more info!

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Metal Associates $$$

Long Island City, NY  |  800-767-9494

metalmen supplies polished and mill finished Stainless Steel tube and pipe. We have access to unique inventories and have well-worn relationships with mills and custom producers. Our broad experience enables us to address most every supply challenge. Call us for prompt quotes and on-time deliveries.

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Metalmen Sales Inc. $$$

Azusa, CA  |  800-882-3748

Totten Tubes has one of the largest inventories of stainless steel tubing, and products you won’t find anywhere else. We carry rectangular, round, and square tubing in a wide variety of grades, alloys, and sizes. Additional services include bending, saw cutting, hole punching, and more. If we don’t have the rectangular stainless steel tubing you need in stock, our team will find it for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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Portland, OR  |  610-678-8051

Established in 1922, Hofmann Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality stainless steel tubing, powder-coated tubing, zinc-plated tubing, and fabricated tubing. Using resources from leading domestic steel producers, we manufacture custom welded steel tubing for a range of industries, such as automotive, fitness equipment, healthcare, and more. Our team has the expertise to help you find the stainless steel tubing you need.

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Hofmann Industries, Inc. $$$
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Corrugated stainless steel tubing continues to grow in popularity due to the many benefits it has over alternative gas flow systems. Because stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, tubing of this nature may be used for both gases under pressure and volatile gases. The dual layered tubing allows for easy shaping and bending which not only reduces the need for stainless steel pipe fittings and other expensive connectors, but in so doing lessens the possibility of costly and potentially hazardous gas leaks.

The flexibility, lightweight and smaller size of CSST also allows for easier installation thereby reducing labor costs in addition to savings related to the decrease in material usage. The plastic exterior coating comes in black or yellow to suit aesthetic needs, though the majority of the tubing is inside of walls and therefore not visible.

Installed in similar fashion to wiring, CSST lines are generally run along floor and ceiling joists. Corrugated stainless steel is rarely seen in its interior applications, though the exterior connection to the gas source or meter is often visible. A central manifold or parallel configuration with multiport manifolds allows for a several lines to be run to individual appliances as well as easy expansion of the system if needed. This thin-walled metallic tubing consists of two layers.

The interior layer is a continuous stainless steel coil, produced by either hot or cold rolling of alloyed steel strips. While all steel alloys contain iron and carbon, stainless steel in particular has a chromium content of at least 10%. Chromium is the element responsible for the high corrosion resistance of these coils necessary in many gas distribution applications. The exterior layer of corrugated stainless steel tubing is plastic.

This PVC covering lends not only flexibility to the piping, but also added protection against gas leaks should the stainless steel coils fail. As with all stainless steel tubing, corrugated stainless steel tubing comes in a variety of shapes and grades. Important considerations for the installation of CSST include inner and outer diameters, wall thickness, pressure rating, maximum bend radius, temperature range and finishing.

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